Solar Exalted

Solar Exalted are peerless masters of whatever they take it upon themselves to do. They embody limitless potential and the peak of divine power enabling mortal audacity. They are the god kings, generals, spymasters, sorcerers supreme and merchant princes of Autochthonia.

The Castes are Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night and Eclipse.

They choose their 5 Caste Abilities from the following lists:

Dawn: Archery, Awareness, Martial Arts, Dodge, Melee, Resistance, Thrown, War, Firearms

Theme: Masters of all forms of warfare, they are the generals and champions of the Exalted armies. They are chosen from those who have a talent for the arts of combat and war.

Zenith: Athletics, Integrity, Performance, Lore, Presence, Survival, War

Theme: The leaders and priests of the Solar Exalted, they are priest-kings, prophets and mystics. They are chosen from the leaders of men, as well as from those who thirst for righteousness and justice.

Twilight: Bureaucracy, Craft, Integrity, Investigation, Linguistics, Lore, Medicine, Occult

Theme: Scholars, sorcerers and crafters of the Solar Exalted, they are the thinkers and doers. The Twilight Caste chooses those who use their training and scholarship to transform the world.

Night: Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Investigation, Larceny, Ride, Stealth, Socialize, Drive

Theme: Lords of stealth and trickery, they serve as spies and police of the Realm. They are chosen from those who excel at entering places where they are not wanted, as well as those who are gifted at finding unconventional solutions to problems.

Eclipse: Bureaucracy, Larceny, Linguistics, Occult, Presence, Ride, Sail, Socialize, Drive

Theme: Diplomats and bureaucrats, they keep the Realm running smoothly. They are chosen from those who love to travel and those who excel at all forms of communication.

Additionally, each chooses 5 favored abilities from the full list of all abilities. You cannot make a caste ability a favored ability, also.

Finally, each chooses one Supernal ability from the list of 10 Caste & Favored ability scores.

A Supernal ability is your character's personal specialty skill. They can ignore the minimum essence requirement to learn charms of their supernal ability. Only the Solar Exalted have this innate capability of ignoring Essence Maximums.

Lunar Exalted

The Lunar Exalted are paragons of innate talent rather than learned mastery. They are shapeshifters and have the ability to steal the form of anyone or anything they desire, usually by hunting their target and devouring its heart. They are the protectors of the Realm and each Lunar Essence is bound to a single Solar Essence, as the sun and moon were once bound.

The Castes are Full Moon, Changing Moon and No Moon. 

They do not have Caste Abilities. Instead, they have Caste Attributes.

Full Moons have Strength, Dexterity and Stamina.

Theme: Brutal, shapechanging warriors.

Changing Moons have Charisma, Manipulation and Appearance.

Theme: Beautiful, charming masters of social influence.

No Moons have Wits, Perception and Intelligence.

Theme: Intelligent, cunning masters of secret lore.

Each Lunar Exalted chooses three favored attributes and three favored abilities.

Sidereal Exalted

The Sidereal Exalted are manipulators of destiny and martial artists without peer. Only they are capable of innately discovering the highest secrets of the supernatural martial arts, and only they are capable of weaving destiny and searching the Loom of Destiny for hints of what the future holds. They number the fewest of all Exalted, having only one hundred members – twenty of each Caste. They are advisors of the Solar Exalted.

The Sidereal Exalted are the chosen of the Five Maidens, Goddesses of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

They choose 5 Caste abilities and 3 Favored abilities.

Their five castes are:

Chosen of Battles (Mars): Archery, Athletics, Melee, Presence, War, and Firearms

Theme: Heaven's soldiers, seeing to the outcomes of important battles and wars.

Chosen of Secrets (Jupiter): Investigation, Larceny, Lore, Occult, and Stealth

Theme: Heaven's Eyes, keeping or revealing knowledge at Heaven's direction.

Chosen of Journeys (Mercury): Resistance, Ride, Sail, Survival, Thrown, and Drive

Theme: Heaven's messengers, traveling any distance necessary to perform their duties.

Chosen of Endings (Saturn): Awareness, Bureaucracy, Integrity, Martial Arts, and Medicine

Theme: Heaven's Gardeners, ensuring that all things come to a proper end at the proper time.

Chosen of Serenity (Venus): Craft, Dodge, Linguistics, Performance, and Socialize

Theme: Heaven's Courtesans, overseeing the pleasure and prosperity of Autochthonia.

Alchemical Exalted

The Alchemical Exalted are living constructs made from the magical materials. They are the Champions of Humanity, living closest to ordinary mortals of any of the Exalted and being raised up by the greatest of the mortal artisans and savants, embodying hand-picked souls of the greatest heroes of the past.

Like the Lunar Exalted, they focus on the innate capabilities of their body, rather than learned skills.

Each of their Castes has 3 Caste Attributes, chooses 3 Favored Attributes, and 3 Favored skills.

They have six Castes, each representing one of the magical materials of Autochthonia:

Orichalcum: Strength, Charisma and Intelligence

Theme: Holy icons, inspirational leaders, and brilliant visionaries, marching toward a brighter future.

Moonsilver: Dexterity, Appearance, and Wits

Theme: Spies, infiltrators, scouts, and assassins. The silent blades of state and god.

Jade: Stamina, Charisma and Wits

Theme: Industrial heroes of the masses. The populist face of the Exalted.

Starmetal: Dexterity, Manipulation and Intelligence

Theme: Spymasters, plotters, scenario designers and social theorists. The Alchemicals' greatest manipulators and intelligence specialists.

Soulsteel: Stamina, Manipulation and Perception

Theme: The secret police, troubleshooters, interrogators and gremlin hunters of Autochthonia. The all-seeing guardians of dogma and law.

Adamant: Strength, Appearance and Perception

Theme: Unseen, secret agents of the Solar Deliberative, executors of their will. The Angels of Autochthon.

Terrestrial Exalted – The Dragon-Blooded Host

These are the weakest and most numerous of the Exalted, comprising tens of thousands of soldiers, pilots, engineers, governors and officers within the Exalted Host. They grow more numerous through offspring, being the only Exalted capable of increasing their number via procreation.

They have five elemental Castes, each with 5 caste abilities and 3 favored abilities.

Air: Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth and Thrown

Theme: Nearly as aloof as they are insightful, the Children of Mela are almost uniformly brilliant, and prone to losing themselves in thought. Creatures of thought and subtlety, they embody the boundless creativity and idealism that can only exist in pure thought.

Earth: Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Resistance and War

Theme: Islands of stability in the shifting seas around them, the Children of Pasiap are the very embodiment of constancy and fortitude, bringing order to the world around them with artifice and strategy. They form the bedrock supporting the individuals, causes and institutions to which they devote themselves.

Fire: Athletics, Dodge, Firearms, Melee, Presence, and Socialize

Theme: The passion and drive of the Children of Hesiesh are so great they can barely be contained, and the persuasive skills of a Fire Aspect can inspire armies. In the presence of these fonts of seemingly boundless energy, all is light and warmth, and once they’ve gone, all of Creation seems a colder, darker place.

Water: Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts and Sail

Theme: Common wisdom regarding the Children of Daana’d states that their minds are fl owing and their hearts are overflowing. Quick to adapt to new ideas and suspicious of dogma, they are fond of mysteries of all sorts, and love solving puzzles.

Wood: Archery, Drive, Medicine, Performance, Ride and Survival

Theme: Fascinated with life and its cycles and the nature and journey of the soul, Aspects of Wood often earn themselves a reputation for mysticism. Living as much in “might be” as “is,” the Children of Sextes Jylis seem to live in a slightly different version of Creation from the rest of the


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