Dragon Blooded Houses

There are thousands of houses of the Dragon-Blooded. The majority of the Terrestrial Exalted are named in Eastern fashion: Family-Name Given-Name. (So Joe Smith would be Smith Joe). A person's house is named after the personal name of the originator of the house. Most great houses have stood for millennia, but two are new houses established within the last thousand years or less.

The eleven houses below are the ones that are most powerful and influential, at the Terrestrial level. They are the largest houses or the ones with the greatest favor among the Solar Deliberative and other powers that be, the ones that ideally are the greatest of the great.

Each Great House wields immense political might, having dozens or hundreds of lesser houses following their leadership, but they do not have any official power other than that granted by their individual members' positions within society.

Note: Even though each house is associated with an elemental aspect, and each of the great houses is lead by a member of that same aspect, Terrestrial Exalted can be of any Aspect. The family's aspect is just the most common aspect for those who are purest in the line of descent from the house founder

House Jerah (Fire):

Patriarch: Jerah Nadani (Fire Aspect)

Deliberative Army (DA) General. Warstrider Ace. Renowned Duelist, rumored to have never lost. 


House Peleps (Water):

Matriarch: Peleps Chandra (Water Aspect)

GDL Ace & Vice Admiral. 1000 year veteran of over two hundred battles, highest ranked living DragonBlood. 


House Amoril (Wood):

Matriarch: Amoril (Wood Aspect)

Ancient Biogenesis Savant & Master Healer. Governor of Nurad. (Wood)

Originated this great House through more than 900 years of careful breeding, marriage, and manipulation of her offspring.


House Vitari (Earth):

Patriarch: Vidori Kadar (Earth Aspect)

Engineer & Martial Artist. Master of Earth Dragon Style. Governor of Claslat.


House Dened (Air):

Matriarch: Dened Isa (Air Aspect)

Governor of Sova. Scholar of the Malki.


House Iselsi (Fire):

Patriarch: Iselsi Renal (Fire Aspect)

DA General & Martial Artist. Master of Fire Dragon Style.


House Kumari (Water):

Patriarch: Kumari Garren (Water Aspect)

GDL Rear Admiral & Ace. 600 year veteran of at least 100 battles.


House Keb (Wood):

Matriarch: Keb Loeb (Wood Aspect)

Prayer Leader & Governor of Gulak


House Lekan (Earth):

Matriarch: Lekan Amora (Earth Aspect)

Magitech Savant & Governor of Yugash


House Rodov (Air):

Patriarch: Rodov (Air Aspect)

GDL Ace & Rear Admiral, 300 years old, youngest house and house leader

Originated House by becoming the hero of the Viator's Fall; provided the critical opening necessary for the Tyrant Sun to be cast out of the Gunstar.


House Takahi (Water):

Matriarch: Takahi Mnemar (Water Aspect)

Renowned Martial Artist, only living Terrestrial practitioner to master 6 Celestial Martial Arts Styles. Governor of Hadal.

Dragon Blooded Houses

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