Character Creation and Advancement

Choose your Caste and Motivation.

Spend 8/6/4 points on your attribute scores.

Choose 5 Caste abilities and 5 Favored abilities. One of these ten must also be chosen as a Supernal ability.

Allocate bonus ability points due to training in your former position in life.

Spend 28 points on your ability scores: at least 1 point must be allocated to each favored ability (Caste abilities can remain at 0, if you want to buy them later), a minimum of 3 must be spent on your supernal ability. These points may be used to raise any ability score to 5 at a 1:1 ratio.

Allocate 4 specialties.

Record free background points: Cult 3, Class 4 (Class is a combination of Resources and Followers)

Buy 20 points worth of backgrounds.

Of note: The first purchase of the Artifacts Background gives you 3 dots of artifacts for every 1 dot purchased.

Manse/Demsense do not exist in this setting, but you can buy equivalents to them as artifact essence cores that provide the same benefit 

Choose 15 Charms. You receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd Excellencies for free in your Caste and Favored abilities, and if you take a single non-excellency charm in any non-favored ability.

Do not worry about building combos, those rules will be mostly ignored.

Allocate 5 points between the four virtues.

Spend 100 experience points:

Experience Points are spent in the following fashion.

Attributes: 6xp per dot (5 if favored <Lunar and Alchemical Exalted only>)

Abilities: 4xp per dot (3 if favored)

Specialties: 2xp per dot (1 if favored)

Charms: 10xp per dot (8 if favored)

Special: Repurchases of Ox-Body Technique, Invisible Essence Reinforcement and Immanent Solar Glory are half price. (8 or 10xp for the first, 4 or 5 for every subsequent)

Sorcery: 10xp per dot (8 if favored)

Backgrounds: 2xp per dot

Virtues: 3xp per dot

WIllpower: 3xp per dot

Essence goes up automatically with xp earned:

50xp: Essence 3

200xp: Essence 4

400xp: Essence 5

Character Creation and Advancement

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